Building By Design

Season 3 of Building by Design.

We are now starting our 3rd Season of Building by Design. We have produced over 20 Episodes; most of which can be viewed as Video on Demand by going to and clicking on their “Video on Demand” link; then type in Building By Design so search for available Episodes to view.

To start off our 2013 Season we are going to be featuring a large commercial remodel of the Prescott Springhill Suites in downtown Prescott, AZ. The first Episode will cover the “before” – existing condition of the property and will give some insight as to what is going to take place during the remodel.

A follow up Episode for Springhill Suites will be some footage of work in progress; as well as some completed areas and interviews with some of the local trades and suppliers who are working the project.

The final Episode for Springhill Suites will show the completed renovation; we’ll take you on a visual tour of all of the renovated spaces in this local hotel.

In addition to the commercial remodeling episode this season we are also going to be giving you an inside peak of a very unique Loft Property in downtown Prescott as well as discussing what it takes; what it is like to take a complete raw space and turn it into a custom Loft Residence.

We will continue to bring you updates on the real estate market in the Quad City Area and we are also going to be producing a few more Episodes featuring local manufacturers and/or suppliers of construction and design items.





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