Education in design perpetuates good design  

Janet, besides your style or characteristics in design, what do you feel sets your firm apart from others in the business?
JB: I have always believed in educating clients. My philosophy is education in design perpetuates good design. I make it my firm’s practice to inform our clients why something should be done or shouldn’t be done. You will never hear me say, “Because I say so.” You will quite often hear me say, “we are going to do this because . . .” I feel that the choices or rather options we present to our clients deserve a corresponding explanation as to why we selected them for presentation in the first place so that it is our clients who are making the ultimate choice and in turn selecting something that will reflect their personality and uniqueness.

  "Janet...Wow are we WOWed!!! Your design has us buzzing. the home layout is nothing short of brillant. Your creativity and keen understanding of our needs have delivered some remarkable results... C. Rubin, Prescott, AZ

What advice would you give someone who was contemplating designing their own home?
JB: My knee jerk reaction is to say “don’t”. It is much like self medicating or being your own lawyer. Even if you have some past experience or possess an innate flair for design you would still benefit from consulting with a professional interior designer even if it is for only small portions of your project. Other than that, the most important piece of advice that I can pass along is that if you insist on doing the project yourself without the benefit of a design consultation from time to time, then you must be “armed” with the answers and decisions when your contractor asks you questions otherwise your builder will more than likely end up designing your home.

It is rare in this day and age to meet a residential builder who has never made a design decision or who has not influenced some aspect of the design of their client’s home.

Are you saying that a builder should not help their client make decisions?
JB: No, but what I am stating is that homeowners should take the initiative to seek the right help from the appropriate professional. For those who want to design their own home I would ask you the following question: Why would you trust many of the decisions of your home to the hands of someone who is trained and licensed to build and has more than likely gained their design knowledge thru on the job training?

Don’t misunderstand me; I am not suggesting that there are not talented and quite frankly qualified design builders out there. My advice to home owners and potential home owners is to do some investigating and interview several experienced professionals to find out how they can help you with the design and creation of your home [or remodel] whether it is an architect, interior designer or decorator who will work as a team with you and your builder.

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