window treatments
Treating Windows Without Blocking the View:

Roman Shades are a great way to provide privacy to a room when needed while not blocking the view. The trick is to install the Shades to the top of the ceiling or at least high enough so that when they are open they do not block the view.

Transform Your Room and Trick the Eye:

Drapes are the best way to transform the look of a room and to pull all of your colors and furnishings together. Drapes can also help to balance out different door/window heights in a room. Look at this photo closely, the rods/drapes are installed at the same height but the top of the door is taller than the top of the window to the right. Our design and installation techniques will create balance as well as elegence to any space.

Window Treatments Don't Need to be the Same

It is not necessary to have the same style or type of window treatments on each door or window of a room. The key to different styles of window treatments in the same room is to use the same fabric or coordinating fabrics so that the different styles of treatments still make sense and do not appear haphazzard.

The ability to create different styles in the same room is truly a 'trick of the trade" and the best way to receive that professional look is to hire a professional. Window treatments are an accessory item that you need to do right the first time.

Flat Fold Roman Shades

Flat Fold Roman Shades fabricated from a material/fabric that you are able to choose to fit your budget and your decor is one of the more affordable options that Bussell Interiors is able to offer from their vast source of manufacturers. We take care of everything from the measuring to the installation while also giving you expect color consultation so you can make sure that your window treatments will not only provide privacy but they will also become a design element to your home.

Layering Different Window Treatments

Window treatments do not have to be fussy or overly complicated. In this residence economical bamboo style shades were used at the windows while the entire wall was dressed with a complimentary fabric drape that provides warmth and style to the room. For rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces such as stone floors drapes are a great way to add "sound proofing" and visual depth. If you were to remove the drapes from this room it would appear to be stark and unfinished.

Drapes Are Not Just for Windows . . . .

In this residence there was a challenge to create some privacy from the main entry hallway which was just outside the formal dining room and the main staircase that lead to the upper level as well as the lower level of the home. The solution was to create a fun drapery treatment that would still have a formal feel while not being too weighty - the right fabric had to be selected; one that would not need to be lined as we wanted to make sure that the fabic looked the same from both sides.

Framing a View . . .

In this formal dining room we wanted to frame the view of the outdoor fountain that was visible thru the large window at the end of the room. The drapes also help to create a cozy feel for this rather long and narrow dining room. By designing the drapes in a floor to ceiling height it helps to accentuate the proportions of the room by creating a little more balance to the space and eliminating just another painted wall.

Window treatments should not be looked at as strictly a way to create privacy or a way to block the sun. Window treatments are a decorative form which when designed correctly will not only provide the functional aspect but will also create a visually appealing asset for your home.




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