Staging and Lifestyle Design

Staging and Lifestyle Design has become a very popular and important part of the design industry in recent years. At Bussell Interiors we believe that even if you are not looking to sell your home that you should treat yourself to a Staging Consultation so that you are guided by a trained professional on how to improve your home's aesthetic nature such as design, organization and overall appearance. If you are selling your home then you want to make sure that your property is prepared with a special emphasis on apperance and organization. This is also a great time to go thru the home and make small repairs where needed and there is no better way to go about this process than purchasing a Professional Staging Consultation with Bussell Interiors. Don't waste your time guessing what buyers are looking for in this very tough real estate market. Certainly you can go on line and read about staging tips; what to do and what not to do but do you really want to spend all of that time wondering if you've gone about it in the right manner? Expert luxury interior designer Janet Bussell-Eriksson will personally come and stage your home for you or you may wish to save a little money and work along side her assisting in the transformation of your home inside and out. Even if you are not selling your home you should treat yourself to a Professional Staging Consultation. You will be surprised at the results a few hours with a Professional Interior Designer in your home can do for the asthetics of your interiors! Why make your home perfect right before you try to sell it? Why not make it perfect now while you live in it and enjoy it! This is what Bussell Interiors terms "Lifestyle Design". Take a glance around your home and ask yourself; have you "Got Style?" The standard fee for a 2 1/2 hour Professional Staging Consultation is $250.00 however thru September 15, 2011 Bussell Interiors is offering this service at a reduced rate of $195.00. Call for a free quote if you feel your property would require more than a 2 1/2 hour consultation. We prefer to see the property first prior to any actual staging so that an overall visual assessment can be made and a flat fee can be quoted.

Before - Kid's Bedroom


After - Transformed to an appealing Guest Bedroom


Before - Hallway and Dining Room


After - Hallway and Dining Room


Before - Kitchen and Dining Nook


After - Dining Nook





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