Our Fees

Our fees are calculated on the scope of the project; work desired and time involved in order to complete the project. Depending upon the scope of work our fees could be contracted on an hourly basis for simply consulting; flat fee for an entire project or if purchasing is involved then the fees will be based upon a cost percentage. When purchasing and design and/or project management is involved then typically there is a combination of fees such as hourly for the project management portion and percentage on items purchased and installed.

A design commission is incorporated into the wholesale and trade pricing of items and services we obtain and manage for you. All items proposed to you are generally purchased at wholesale or trade cost which in many cases is 40% to 50% less than retail pricing. Before any purchases are made, we will present you with a line item Proposal corresponding to the budget that has been established for the project. All Proposals will include our design commission. The design commission is assessed in order to compensate our time spent for tracking, coordinating fabrication and handling the items purchased as well as supervision of installation when necessary.

There are many times where you {the client} would like to participate in or go on "shoping expeditions". Bussell Interiors charges an hourly rate for client accompanied shopping expeditions. HOWEVER if items are purchased as a result of the shopping expedition, the hourly fee will be waived and Bussell Interiors will solely charge their design commission on the item(s) purchased so long as the commission is equal to or greater than the expense of the hourly fees incurred during the time spent shopping.

We do not charge a fee for an "interview" consultation meeting wherein we meet to discuss your potential project and how Bussell Interiors will be assisting you.





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