Interior Design - Private Residence

Have been working with a local couple to design the interior of their custom built home which will be completed in 2011. Have been working on the project since it was in the design phase and worked to make sure the rooms were designed in proportion to the home and their intended use. In the past year as we entered the finishing phase then Bussell Interiors has designed the cabinetry layouts; flooring patterns; specified the finish materials; consulted on the exterior finish materials as well as the plumbing fixtures, lighting and so much more. This client selected several different styles from the Shiloh and Sequoia Cabinetry Line while also choosing to have some of their cabinetry made locally.

Whole House Interior Remodel - Stone Ridge

Bussell Interiors was retained to come up with designs and interior finishes to update a 10 year hold home in the community of Stone Ridge. We renovated the Master Bathroom, Guest Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, and converted the small "Bonus" Garage into an Exercise Room. In addition we designed and added window treatments, crown moulding, baseboards, lighting and furniture. This remodel project will be featured on Building by Design - Episode 5 which will air in March 2011 on Channel 13 [CableOne] or on - Videos on Demand.


Patio Home Remodel - Resort Drive

Bussell Interiors was retained by the owner to come up with a more efficient Kitchen layout and was also consulted with regard to the other new finishes such as the cabinetry, flooring material, granite countertops, plumbing fixtures and paint colors. The owner loved the UltraCraft line of cabinetry distributed by Bussell Interiors and decided to install the Vision Collection in the Kitchen area while using the Entree Collection in the 2 Bathrooms. This remodel is another project which will be featured on Building by Design - Episode 4 which will air in February, 2011. To view current episodes go to and click on Videos on Demand then select Building by Design.

The remodel from start to finish has taken approximately 4 months and this included the "design" phase of the project as well as the purchasing and selecting of all of the finishes. The client worked with an established budget and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of finishes and level of detail that they were able to obtain on even a tight budget.


Custom Furnishings for a Historic Residence

Bussell Interiors is currently working with a client to have custom sofas and other furnishings made for a recently purchased historic residence in downtown Prescott. Certain challenges are having to be addressed with regard to space. The owner's want to keep a tailored, updated - transational style while still respecting the age of the home. With the numerous lines and manufacturers that Bussell Interiors is able to represent the clients are able to select fabrics that work within the color pallette while also working within their budget.


Game Room Remodel

These clients met Bussell Interiors when they attended the May 2010 Home & Garden Show at the Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley. After viewing the vast Portfolio of Bussell Interiors they scheduled an on-site meeting to view and discuss their project that they had been wanting to undertake for quite sometime. They had previously received advice that in order to transform their room that they would need to remove and relocate some of the existing doors and windows. The principal of Bussell Interiors was intrigued that an "interior remodel" project should instantly morph into a renovation project and wanted to see the space first hand.

At our initial meeting in the home Bussell Interiors was able to come up with a cohesive plan that did not require drastic renovation or remodeling. The plan was to transform the room thru cosmetic purposes with new finishes and to address the "bowling alley" feel of the room due to its proportion.


Pinnacle Lane - Giving a Builder Spec Personality

The new owners of this home wanted to turn what was considered a "blank canvas" into a residence that would reflect their personalities and lifestyles. The couple retained Bussell Interiors to create window treatments, purchase furnishings, and develop a color pallete for the interior. One of the major transformations was simply painting the ceilings of the home a different color than the walls. Some faux finishes were also added in certain areas to create focal points in the architectural niches found in the Entry Foyer and Hallways.





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